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Month: June 2017

Heat and Fire

Heat and Fire

Friday saw the interior under an high pressure ridge and with it came  record heat. Fairbanks  broke an record of 88 deg. for that day . the old record was set back in 1957,(pre man made warming claims). Here at the cabin we topped out at 93 deg.  Just an bit too warm for us even tho I had worked when younger in 120-130 deg. engine rooms. Also  this  temperature  give us an temperature differential of 144 degrees  from  our high to lowest temperature for the year so far. Old  body said time out and we pulled  crawl space  door so  cool air could circulate up thru living space. Cheaper then an AC unit. Saturday it cooled down to 80 for n high.

But in that heat an new fire broke out 10 miles away and the lighting  strike  fire grew to 3500 acres.  The new fire was along the Richardson and  official believed start by an person or persons. An heavy aggressive attack kept it to 15 acres. Three tanker(water Bombers) and one helicopter and  3 ground crews hit it hard .

Today we arte getting an welcome rain. So far we have received .50 inch of rain on the old manual rain gauge and cooler temps in the 50’s. Back to comfortable working temperatures. Hurry up September.

Tomorrow weather is  calling for more of the same as today.

Today weather data is:

temperature 54 F.

humidity 92%

dew point 51 F

barometer 1004.8


that is it for now.


Stay safe

Sunset before sunrise on the Same day

Sunset before sunrise on the Same day

That time of year where sunsets come after midnight and  couple hour later the Sun comes back up. No longer  have civil twilight here until late August.  Had some thermal activity  today as cold front moved thru . 890 lighting  strikes detected.  Weather  been cool  with night time temps thru may in the 20’s and 30’s. June been warmer but nights still hitting high 30’s.

With the warmer temps and lighting storms our other summer season has started, Fire season.  1000 acre  fire near Tok  just couple miles off the ALCAN.  Fire crews have it contain and continue to do suppression. Being the first fire they were able to throw lot off manpower and equipment at it so it never got into the long burn phase. Hopefully we don’t have many this year.

Conditions here :

Temp 63 F

DP  49F

Humidity  65%

Barometeric Pressure 29.68 in/hg

Wind light and variable

Sunset   0008

Sun Rise 0325


Stay cool and healthy